16 Jun

Summer Relaxation »


For many of you, the school year has ended and your summer vacation has begun.
For others, hang in there. You must be close.

19 May

A Mother’s Day Meditation »

“Little children, little worry. Big Children, big worry.”Bridget Morgan
Whether you are a mother, or have one, I am sure you can relate to these words.

04 Aug

I Am Not My Thoughts »

“I love these socks that I am wearing today.”
“When will it stop raining?”
“I hope I have pb&j for lunch today.

24 Jun

The Whole Learner – A Much Needed Shift in Education »

By: Erin Corcoran – Educator (8th grade English), parent, wife, Zensational Kids student
Parenting took a long time. Doctors, shots, more doctors and excruciating waiting.

13 Jun

Yoga and Mindfulness for Students with Autism – No Mats Required »

The study began in 2014 as part of a student’s doctoral project
at Touro College, School of Health Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

24 May

Melt Away Children’s Stress »

An increasing number of children are experiencing higher levels of stress today.  Muscle relaxation techniques can go a long way in reducing children’s stress levels.

17 May

Taming the Anger Monster »

We all have had moments when we sense the “anger monster” boiling up within us.

28 Jan

The Power of Breath »

by: Kate Murphy
Educate 2B breathing tools are meant to help children wake up and calm down.

10 Oct

Yoga For Autism: A Therapist’s Experience »

Yoga for Autism, ADHD and Differently-Abled Children is a course that I created with  my mentor and dear friend, Shakta Kaur.

18 Jan

How To Get Yoga Into Your School »

Yoga has been proven to help students of all ages in more ways than one. It provides an outlet for unbalanced energy, helps reduce stress and organizes the mind and body.