10 Oct

Energetic Tune-Up »

You know when you hit an energetic wall in your day?? …..

16 Jun

Summer Relaxation »


For many of you, the school year has ended and your summer vacation has begun.
For others, hang in there. You must be close.

19 May

A Mother’s Day Meditation »

“Little children, little worry. Big Children, big worry.”Bridget Morgan
Whether you are a mother, or have one, I am sure you can relate to these words.

04 Aug

I Am Not My Thoughts »

“I love these socks that I am wearing today.”
“When will it stop raining?”
“I hope I have pb&j for lunch today.

24 Jun

The Whole Learner – A Much Needed Shift in Education »

By: Erin Corcoran – Educator (8th grade English), parent, wife, Zensational Kids student
Parenting took a long time. Doctors, shots, more doctors and excruciating waiting.

13 Jun

Yoga and Mindfulness for Students with Autism – No Mats Required »

The study began in 2014 as part of a student’s doctoral project
at Touro College, School of Health Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

24 May

Melt Away Children’s Stress »

An increasing number of children are experiencing higher levels of stress today.  Muscle relaxation techniques can go a long way in reducing children’s stress levels.

17 May

Taming the Anger Monster »

We all have had moments when we sense the “anger monster” boiling up within us.

28 Jan

The Power of Breath »

by: Kate Murphy
Educate 2B breathing tools are meant to help children wake up and calm down.

10 Oct

Yoga For Autism: A Therapist’s Experience »

Yoga for Autism, ADHD and Differently-Abled Children is a course that I created with  my mentor and dear friend, Shakta Kaur.