Yoga274At Zensational Kids, we believe that every child has unlimited potential, no matter what circumstances have crossed their path. We help schools to unlock that potential by providing them with key; yoga and mindfulness. These ancient tools have never been more needed in our world and definitely in our classrooms. Reducing stress, relieving anxiety and building inner confidence are just a few of the benefits that research is demonstrating. Our goal is to empower every child to know their inner strength, creativity, and joy. Our programs are designed to help educators integrate these tools into the school day to help their students and to help themselves.

School life is stressful. There are high demands and the pressure is harming. There is a solution; building inner resources to cope, calm and thrive.

We provide support and guidance for therapists, teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone involved in opening their heart to the abundant possibilities of growth, development and peace available to every child through kids yoga and mindfulness.

We focus on methods to help you integrate the evidence-based science of yoga and mindfulness into pediatric therapy, education and caregiving for ALL children.