Yoga274At Zensational Kids, we strive to provide high quality and inspiring continuing education courses, workshops, and professional development trainings. Our on-site therapeutic yoga and classroom-based programs provide additional avenues for children to learn and mature in NJ, NYC, PA, CT and nationwide.

We provide support and guidance for therapists, teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone involved in opening their heart to the abundant possibilities of growth, development and peace available to every child through kids yoga and mindfullness.

We focus on methods to help you integrate the evidence – based science of yoga and mindfulness into pediatric therapy, education and caregiving for ALL children.

Zensational Kids Programs Offer:

Innovative and practical methods of applying established, evidence – based research from the fields of neuroscience, neuro-motor development, sensory integration, positive psychology, and contemplative practices such as kids yoga and mindfulness into the treatment, education and care of children.

Shifting the paradigm of classical therapeutic methods and educational practices, the Zensational Kids approach widens our perspective of abilities and strengths. Working with the brain’s remarkable capacity to change and learn, our methods teach how yoga and mindfulness practice can re-wire the brain, organize the body, balance energetic systems and open the heart, empowering children to attain their highest and most joyful level of functioning.

Our programs are offered all over New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and nationwide. Check out the events calendar to see when we’ll be in your city next!