Here is some information from the Robert Wood Foundation and Penn State regarding the effects of teacher stress.


We are proud to have been part of the BRIDGING HEART AND MINDS OF YOUTH, 2017 conference in San Diego, CA, sponsored by UCSD, Center for Mindfulness. Within the Research Symposium of this conference, I presented along side my colleague and friend Jill Horbacewicz, PT, MA, PhD of Touro College DPT Program. Below are the slides from our presentation on THE EFFECTS OF A YOGA AND MINDFULNESS PROGRAM ON CHILDREN WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER IN THE SCHOOL SETTING. The program utilized in this study was our EDUCATE 2B:Tools for Engaged Learning and Living

Yoga Mindfulness Autism study with TOURO slides



“Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness into Schools”

In this series, I share some of the “secret sauce” of our success sharing these practices with classrooms across the country.