At Zensational Kids, we believe that kids yoga classes and mindfulness tools give children the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them. Building an inner perspective of relaxation and confidence, children develop the power to build their dreams and shape their future, no matter what dust lies in their path, or diagnosis they have been given. It empowers children to cultivate their innate wisdom and self – awareness, supporting all facets of their development.

240_aboutimageTeaching Children to Shine

Our teacher trainings in NJ, NYC, PA, CT and nationwide help you to guide children to the discovery of  their uniqueness and strengths. Through yoga, children cultivate control of body, peace of mind and compassion of heart. This is especially important for children that have been “labeled” as having “special needs.” Every child deserves to be their authentic self and acknowledge their divine gifts. Yoga teaches that we are all SPECIAL and have natural gifts. This is a practice that helps us recognize these abilities and work from a place of strength rather than weakness.