Wisdom Within, by Allison Morgan

Every living thing in nature has its own inner wisdom. Within a tiny seed is the wisdom of how to grow into a strong tall tree. Birds have the wisdom to fly and spiders innately know how to spin elaborate webs.   All of nature contains this innate knowledge and it is not taught, it is simply known. Since we are part of nature, we contain this wisdom as well. Through the use of rhyming verse and 48 pages of brilliant illustrations, parents and children re-discover their wisdom within. Happiness, joy and compassion are our birthright. It is how we always hope to live each day. When we connect to our inner knowing, we are limitless and full of potential. At the end of the story, there are child-friendly, illustrated yoga poses and mindful meditations relating to the elements of nature contained in the story. Parents are provided with an easy to use guide to introduce movement, breath and meditation to their child in a fun, creative and interactive way.

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