What Administrators are saying:

“Often times, the physical and mental states of students are overlooked by teachers when delivering a lesson.  Using strategies allows our students to be in a ‘ready state’ to learn, on all levels.”

– A.Kramer – Asst. Principal

“The Professional Development Workshops with Allison provided our staff with valuable information and strategies for creating a positive learning environment for our students. Every educator would benefit from using these strategies to aid all students in the classroom.”

– A. Levi – Supervisor of Special Education

 What Teachers are saying:

“Allison made me excited to go back to my classroom. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and relevant.”

– Michelle DeSimone Pre-K teacher

“When we use these tools in class, the atmosphere, in general changes when we are finished. I often use the exercises when we are transitioning from one academic area to another and the students love it. They are ready to focus on a new activity. It is also important to note that while all students struggle in many academic areas they can be a shining star during these breaks.”

– C. Nicol – 2nd grade teacher

What Therapists are saying:

“As a pediatric physical therapist, I brought home a plethora of clinical applications, ideas, techniques and games to put to use immediately with my patients. I highly recommend this class for health care clinicians, along with educators and yoga instructors looking to integrate the special needs population in their classes.”

– Kathy Harrington, MA, PT

“Allison is a wonderful speaker. She kept my attention the whole time. Everything she taught, I will be able to use in my practice. Allison and this course, exceeded my expectations.”

– Diane Tavares PT schools age 3-21

“Dynamic, interesting, makes the information real. I loved this seminar! From the first hour I began learning and getting ideas to implement.”

– OT Schools

What the Children are saying:

“I have learned that when I get mad, or frustrated I need to take a break, do deep breathing and compliment myself too.”

“After yoga I seem to work faster.”

“I told my mom when she was frustrated helping me with a project we needed to stop and meditate—it worked!”

“I feel better and more confident as a worker because lots of times I don’t.”

“It helps me relax and then I can refocus and get back to work.”

“It keeps me from getting upset.”

“I am able to send good thoughts to my brain.”