The core curriculum of Zensational Kids program offerings in NJ, NYC, PA, CT and nationwide is focused on guiding children to discover and acknowledge their inner wisdom so that they find the power within themselves to be happy, healthy and whole.

Our programs have been developed through the integration of kids yoga and mindfulness practices with current evidence-based research from other fields such as neuroscience, positive psychology, sensory integration and neuro-development to name a few. Guiding children and adults in the attainment of 3 essential skills for learning, living and authentically leading yourself through the experience of life is a primary purpose of our offerings:

  • Self-regulation: Ability to manage one’s emotions and to self-calm.
  • Focus: Ability to direct attention and manage distractions.
  • Resilience: Ability to adapt and thrive despite adversity and challenges,

Our programs include:



Radiant Child Yoga TeacherTrainings