Building the skills of self-regulation, focus, and resilience through the integration of positive neuroplasticity, child development, interpersonal neurobiology, yoga, mindfulness and classroom pedagogy. Our programs guide and empower educational stakeholders and students in purposeful and joyful leading, educating, learning and parenting.  We teach the tools, techniques and strategies which make these skills accessible to those committed to educating the ‘whole child.’ All of our programs positively impact the lives and education of general and special education students.

When faculty, students and families are equipped with the skills to effectively manage internal states of being, they are able to decrease the effects of stress, burn-out, tune-out and the loss of hope that many of our educational leaders are experiencing right now.

There are many aspects of our educational system that administrators and teachers do not have control over. Federal and state mandates are creating changes that are confusing and burdensome to many within our schools. Although we can not change the new ‘rules’ that are being written, we can take active control, ownership and responsibility for our happiness, collegial relationships, teaching effectiveness and our ability to foster the abundant learning potential of each student.

Our programs improve your effectiveness as an educator, your well-being as a nurturing leader and the future success of your students. They support RTI and special education initiatives.

“Accumulated evidence suggests the practice of yoga in the classroom may
serve students as an effective technology for eliciting the energy, affect,
attention, receptivity and patience, which are

essential to extraordinary academic achievement.”

–Gessner Geyer, M.A., Ed.M., Harvard University

 We pride ourselves in offering schools the evidence-based practices of yoga and mindfulness to assist districts in educating the whole child.  Our programs focus on helping you establish a culture of well-being, where every individual thrives. We believe this creates an environment where students and faculty feel safe, strong and successful.

Our school – based programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional development trainings for administrators, teachers, councelors, therapists and parents.
  • Consultations and follow-up support.
  • Weekly lessons within your classrooms led by our teachers.

The design of the program is determined by the needs and goals of your staff and site.

The goal of our yoga and mindfulness trainings for schools is to provide administrators, teachers, parents and students with essential skills for effective leadership, personal well-being, and academic success.

Zensational Kids is proud to offer the following School-Based Programs

Leading with the Heart in Mind – workshop for administrator teams

Nurturing the Educator – self-care for teachers

Young Explorers – Early childhood curriculum
Educate 2B – K-5th grade curriculum

Everyday Mindfulness – Middle and High School curriculum
Parent Education

Information regarding our new Pre-K, Middle School and High School curriculum will be on our new site which is SOON to be launched. If you are interested in recieving information now, please contact


If you are interested in how we can help your school:


Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting

with your administrators.





Instill confidence in your staff, leading from a state of inner calm and control, supporting a positive school climate


Reduce stress, enhance personal well-being. Remember WHY they became educators and rekindle their passion for teaching. Enhance learning outcomes of students, improving behavior and attention.


Cultivate the skills of inner awareness for yourself and your students in and out of the classroom, facilitating the attainment of IEP goals


Feel safe and nurtured so that they can relax and focus while building developmental skills, social and emotional intelligence, confidence, positive mindsets and resilience.


Create more EASE in your home, caring for yourself and your child.

We look forward to cultivating an environment of compassion, creativity and personal growth within your school community.

Contact us to find out how we can meet your specific needs through our yoga and mindfulness trainings.