With the increased prevalence of stress that our students and faculty have been facing, it is no wonder that the national rates for mental health disorders as well as behavioral, developmental and learning challenges have exploded within the walls of our schools. Educators have been confronted with not only meeting the individual needs of each student, but also keeping up with the demands of common core curriculum initiatives and expanding federal and state mandates. The success of our efforts to prepare our students to meet 21st century educational demands and care for their social and emotional well being will take a lot more than text books, technology, and curriculum reform.

Research has proven that a student’s academic achievement in the classroom, future success in life and overall happiness can be significantly impacted by the attainment of 3 skills:

Self Regulation: Ability to attain, maintain and change arousal states appropriately
Focus: Ability to direct attention and manage distractions.
Resilience: Ability to adapt and thrive despite adversity and challenges.

As educators, therapists, and counselors, we can often identify when students are lacking these fundamental skills and can acknowledge the effect it has on each individuals ability to learn. These skills are essential for engaged learning, greatly impacting thinking, problem-solving and behavior.

The Educate 2B program teaches you how to utilize and teach your students 30 short, evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness exercises of breath, movement and meditation. The exercises provide students with the tools 2B:

Calm, Energized, Focused, Connected and Ready to Learn

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  • Easily be integrated into any classroom, therapy or counseling setting.
  • Completed as short, “2 minute breaks” throughout the day, or sequenced together as part of a longer session,
  • Empowers students to take an active role in understanding, achieving and maintaining an optimal learning state.
  • Facilitates therapeutic goals, inclusion and RTI initiatives
  • Builds the cognitive muscles of self-regulation, focus and resilience
  • Reduces stress, balances energy levels, develops healthy habits of mind/body and builds positive perspectives

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EDUCATE 2B was developed by a pediatric occupational therapist to meet the growing needs of students in mainstream, integrated and special education classrooms. The program is based on her extensive experience working in schools – integrating research from neuroscience, child development, cognitive psychology and contemplative practices with classroom pedagogies.

Read about the RESEARCH that was done using the EDUCATE 2B Program with students with Autism

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate tools to support students’ sensory, physical, emotional and behavioral development in the classroom and therapeutic environment.
  • Effectively teach breath, movement and mindfulness to children and understand how to incorporate each 2B Tool into your present curriculum in order to meet classroom and student goals.
  • Identify stress reduction techniques which can facilitate your effectiveness as a teacher, mentor and nurturing adult.
  • Understand how enhancing a students ability to be calm, energized, focused, connected and ready to learn supports their ability to learn.
  • Return to your school and lead an inservice to share the EDCUATE 2B techniques with colleagues.*Course participants are able to purchase manuals at a discount to share with the staff in their school/district.


Classroom teachers (K-8th grade), Phys. Ed. teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists


  • Comprehensive, easy to follow, 128 page, fully illustrated manual defining, the science and the practice of using each yoga and mindfulness tool
  • Transfer of workshop knowledge into immediate practice through lecture and lab experience
  • Opportunity to collaborate with like-minded educators and further facilitate the collaboration between teachers and school-based therapists

A tool page from EDUCATE 2B


This is NOT your typical PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT workshop. Our trainings are known for their ability to inspire, so that you can go back to your students energized, engaged and encouraged. The tools that you learn can easily be applied for your own stress-reduction, self-awareness and ability to reach TODAY’S students.

Your teaching time is very valuable. Make it effective, by preparing the entire classroom mentally, physically and emotionally for fully receiving each lesson. Yoga and mindfulness breaks of breath, movement and meditation, place your students in an optimal learning state. Educate 2B Tools can be introduced to students to start their day,  refresh before introducing a new lesson, relax before transitions, or calm and de-stress before taking a test.


November 30, 2017 – Touro College Manhattan Campus NY, NY

Receive OT and PT CEU’s when attending course at this location

INSTRUCTOR: Allison Morgan

27 West 23rd Street, 6th Floor



January 25, 2018 – Park Ridge, NJ Marriott

INSTRUCTOR: Allison Morgan

300 Brae Blvd. Park Ridge NJ

$199 until 1/3/18, $219 thereafter


Schools submitting a PO for single or group participants may e-mail the PO to

There is an additional $25 processing fee for each PO. Multiple registrations can be on a single PO. Please provide us with the names and e-mail addresses of each participant you are registering.



Would you like to have yoga and mindfulness practices integrated into your school culture?  Learn more about our Customized District Programming, supporting your entire educational community in becoming regulated, focused and resilient. Download the brochure here