Nurturing Educators’ Well-Being:

Building Morale and Student Engagement

How you feel affects how you teach …and think, and create and communicate. Don’t let stress, anxiety or any external factor reduce your passion for teaching, undermine your effectiveness in the classroom or adversely impact personal and team morale.

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, overloaded or frustrated?

In this time of unprecedented change in our educational communities, many varied external factors, including state and federal mandates, have been elevating the stress and anxiety levels within our schools. Administrators, teachers and students are being challenged to adapt and adjust to mandates such as school safety and security, HIB requirements, SGOs, Common Core State Standards, PARCC, and more!  Research shows that a teacher’s sense of well-being directly affects students’ learning outcomes, and that chronic stress and anxiety decreases your ability to create, plan, organize, analyze, problem-solve, listen, and engage and communicate with students and colleagues. This can potentially minimize and offset the gains these mandates are intended to achieve in our classrooms and adversely impact critical collaborative support by and amongst peers and instructional leaders.

     This seminar is about reclaiming and rediscovering
the joys of teaching.

You will gain tools to help you minimize and manage stress and anxiety while maximizing your individual and collaborative performance. You will discover how to harness a positive mindset amidst any change or turbulence in your life, and become an unwavering model for your students, professional colleagues, parents and others you may serve. This cutting edge seminar is designed to build your self-awareness of how your body and mind are wired and to foster your resilience as an effective action-oriented, solution-based teacher.

More specifically, during this seminar you will learn to:
  • Develop an understanding of how stress affects your health, performance, productivity and ability to connect to your students, peers and educational leaders.
  • Initiate easy-to-use relaxation and self-care techniques to effectively manage stress in any environment.
  • Utilize and practice tools to help you become and remain (1) calm: to engage solution-oriented thinking and perspectives (2) centered: helping you remain focused and fully present in your teaching and collaborations and (3) communicative: authentic, respected and understood by students, colleagues and educational leaders.
  • Nurture your intuitive, creative and compassionate inner-self in order to effectively meet the needs of your students and demands of your work without depleting your energy, enthusiasm, attention and passion.

Here is some helpful information about teacher stress and the effects it has on their health, student learning and schools.

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