At Zensational Kids, we believe that families are the key to having successful school programs. We know that in order to get carryover for ANY school based program that you have, it is paramount that families are informed and ‘on-board.’

Some Parent/Family Workshop that we provide are:
1- EDUCATE 2B info night
for schools/classrooms that are integrating our school-based programs Parents/caregivers learn specific tools of breath, movement and mindfulness from the EDUCATE 2B program, to share and reinforce with their students at home. In this workshop, they will learn components of the philosophy and science to better understand how these tools can help them address common issues at home such as: manage stress, disappointment, fear, anxiety and overwhelming big emotions, ability to self calm, settle before bed, etc.

2-Managing parental/caregiver stress
Parents learn how to utilize specific breath, movement and mindfulness tools to help manage their own stress (no mats required – all done standing or seated in a chair). We know there are modern day challenges to raising children in this world of technological overload and constant chaos. Parents need tools for themselves to manage the bombardment of information and the demanding as well as rewarding aspects of being a caregiver. When parents are calmer, more present and cultivate their ability PAUSE before reacting, their cultivate a more relaxed and responsive  home life. Their family relationships become more supportive and positively interactive. Children then feel safer and happier. They exhibit better coping skills, ability to self-regulate and engage more productively in all aspects of their live. When parents feel better, kids DO better.

3-Parent/student yoga & mindfulness class
Parents come with their student and are led in yoga poses, breathing practices, meditations and cooperative games. This is an amazing opportunity for parents and their student to interact and connect with greater peace. Both learn how to cooperate, listen and communicate with respect, joy and awareness.