Pre-schoolers are filled with wonder and creativity. They are like sponges, waiting to soak up every experience through sensory discovery and personal interactions. They have the ability to find fun everywhere by diving into the moment even when you least expect it. This is the perfect age to truly cultivate a love of life and a life of learning.
Yoga and mindfulness practices are a magical fit for kids this age.
 Imaginations soar when fueled with music, storytelling, breath, movement and relaxation. Pre-schoolers discover skills that grow with them, instilling lessons for life. These practices supply their inner and outer world with peace, while learning how to calm, focus and relate to others.

The Zensational Kids approach to pre-school yoga and mindfulness keeps developmental milestones at its forefront. The integration of yogic principles and practices with the science of learning and development,  promotes growth of the ‘whole’ child. Multiple learning styles are addressed through this approach, supporting children of varying needs and allowing children to participate TOGETHER.The essence and beauty of creating a foundation for group/peer engagement blossoms as everyone is included and accepted! Children learn from this early age that all friends can share in physical play, cognitive learning and cooperative interactions. Our methods instill group support for ALL learners, improving inclusive and collaborative efforts in both general and special education programs.

  • Have our trained Zensational Kids staff bring our weekly lesson plans to your school for 30 minute classes with your students. For more information, Contact us.
  • Have your staff attend one of our YOGA AND MINDFULNESS FOR PRE-SCHOOL trainings and learn tools of breath, movement and mindfulness you can immediately bring back to the classroom. To see when the next training is offered, visit our Schedule.


There is currently an overwhelming amount of research documenting significant positive effects in children’s physical, neurological, educational and emotional growth through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. Professionals working with children are noticing the overwhelming increase in stress, attention, behavioral, and sensory related disorders affecting the development of our youth. Yoga and mindfulness provide creative and effective methods to address the growing needs. These ancient practices are gaining recognition as treatment and educational modalities due to their adaptability and effectiveness for promoting healthy brain development, social connection, functional skills and resiliency for ALL children no matter their circumstances, learning style, or diagnoses. Integrating breath, movement and mindfulness into pre-school settings provide, cost effective and evidence-based techniques to prepare children for learning, and healing. Regulation, body awareness, balance, coordination, attention, stress reduction and social interaction are cultivated with these self-empowering and inclusive practices. Pre-school is the perfect age to start exploring and teaching tools that will last a life time.
Be prepared to have FUN in this “hands-on, ” interactive workshop which is full of resources and activities specifically designed for the pre-school population. This course is designed for anyone who works with pre-school aged children (no yoga experience necessary). It is focused on empowering you as the caregiver, to identify your role as an agent of change, and provide balance and support for your students. You will learn effective, creative, and easy- to- use tools to immediately implement into your classroom, home, or therapy. Learn how to combine yoga into your traditional pre-school curriculum and routines with ease. Through experiential labs, you will explore breath to calm, movement to organize, meditations to focus and music to inspire positive self-talk and perception. Become skillful in this exciting new way of educating children.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn specific breathing techniques that facilitate relaxation, and build attention skills required for focused learning.
  • Combine yoga into themes and literature that you are already familiar with.
  • Recognize your emotional state when working with children and determine how that effects the organization of your students.
  • Include yoga breathing, movement and meditation into your current lesson plans, therapy sessions and home routines facilitating the engagement of the WHOLE child.
  • Integrate breath, movement, and mindfulness with confidence to help students build awareness, regulation, and resilience.
  • Address sensory and behavioral needs with tools to balance body, mind and spirit.
  • Incorporate fun yoga games the facilitate social interaction and communication

What participants have said about this program:
“Allison made me excited to go back to my classroom. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and relevant.” Michelle DeSimone Pre-K teacher