Radiant Child Family Yoga 200-hour Training (RCFY-200)

Who can apply?

Those with some yoga experience and experience working with children.

For those that are interested in becoming a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, the Radiant Child Family Yoga training will allow you to specialize in children’s yoga, and be able to teach family yoga as well.

Prerequisite – RCY Basic Training levels 1-3

Credit Hours: 30

All students, whether in the 95 or 200 program, are required to take the RCY Basic level 1-3 Training at any time and location before moving into the certification phase.
The 30 hour RCY Basic training counts towards the 95 and 200-hour training.

For upcoming dates for this training with Allison, please see the schedule.

Section 2: Modules: 40 Hours

Module: Yoga for ADHD, Autism and Differently-Abled Kids

Credit Hours: 20

For upcoming dates, and location please see the schedule.

Module: Happily Ever Now

Credit Hours: 20

The section above completes 40-hours of the RCFY-200 certification.

Section 3: Radiant Child Family Yoga Retreat

Credit Hours: 105-hours

July 13 – July 29, 2016: @ The Land Celebration, VA

Topics covered in training are:

Yoga Energetics and Anatomy: Experts in both Hatha and Kundalini yoga will teach physical anatomy, including modifications for specific needs; and energetic anatomy, including the study of the chakra system. In-depth study of Yoga–history, branches, philosophy–based on Shakta’s book, KISS Guide to Yoga will give the foundation of yoga.

The Brain and Yoga: Yoga study for understanding the connection between the brain and body, using Brain Gym and Kundalini Yoga. Special focus on Autism and other SPD issues, as well as help for depression, anxiety, insomnia and other similar topics.

Boys to Men, Girls to Women: Appreciation and understanding of the energies of each gender, including section on relationships and conscious communication. Yoga specific to men’s health and specific to women’s life-cycles will also be covered. Special spotlight on Senior Yoga.

Yogic Lifestyle for Youth and Adults: Maintaining your yoga experience and healthy lifestyle after the training, including eating well, sadhana practice, and mindful living. A second topic is the business of yoga. We will cover everything needed for completion of the certification.

The section above completes 105-hours of the RCFY 200-hour certification.

Section 4: Radiant Child At-Home Mentorship and Exam

Credit Hours: 25

All students are required to finish their training with an at-home internship with a Radiant Child Yoga Trainer.
Mentor will be assigned to each student and can be in a different city from the student.
A take-home exam will be given at the completion of all of the above sessions. The exam will be due within 40 days of completion of the in-class sessions.

For more information regarding the 95 and 200-hr certification, please visit www.childrensyoga.com for more details.