“Special Needs” is a broadly used term to describe a vast array of diagnoses and conditions. Physical, sensory, social, communicative, cognitive, behavioral or emotional barriers, may inhibit a child’s ability to fully express who they are.

Combining Therapeutic Services such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy with Yoga and mindfulness practices, provides diverse avenues for achieving therapeutic goals while helping the individual connect to their inner strength and guidance.

• From a traditional therapeutic frame of reference, we typically address deficits and focus our treatment on strengthening the weak areas of function.
• From a yogic perspective, we hone our focus on acknowledging and nurturing the strengths of each child.

Zensational Kids is proud to offer the following trainings locally (NJ, NYC, PA, CT) and nationwide:

• Honoring the Special Needs Child

• Pediatric Yoga

Therapeutic yoga has the power to touch upon all aspects of life and functional abilities, helping us to remember that each individual is unique, possessing a desire to contribute and fully participate in their life.

Yoga is an extremely powerful and effective tool for children with such diagnoses as: sensory processing disorders, autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD, learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, and Down’s Syndrome.

Yoga teaches that our perfect light within us has the ability to shine through in every moment, so disabilities do not define who we are nor prevent us from living a joyful life. Through yoga, we develop an understanding of our inner gifts, creating a true starting point to begin therapy and healing.

Benefits of yoga for children include:

  • Development of self-regulation, self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Strengthening for low-tone muscles
  • Flexibility for tight muscles
  • Gross/fine motor strength, dexterity, coordination and balance
  • Visual motor coordination
  • Increased attention, focus and concentration
  • Improved sensory processing
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved listening and communication skills

Stressbuster Moves:


I introduce this set in classrooms as a “sensory diet’ for students that have a hard time in a general classroom and need more opportunities to MOVE. What teachers have found is that ALL students in the class benefit from incorporating breath and mindful movement throughout the day.