Techniques for Sensory, Behavioral, Attention

and Other Developmental Disorders

Current research documents that there are significant positive effects in children’s physical, neurological, educational and emotional growth through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. Professionals working with children are noticing the overwhelming increase in stress/anxiety related disorders, attention, behavioral, sensory and developmental challenges effecting our youth and need to find creative methods of addressing these growing needs. Yoga practices are gaining recognition as a treatment modality due to their adaptability and effectiveness for promoting healthy brain development, functional skills and resiliency for ALL children regardless of their circumstances or diagnoses.

Yoga and mindfulness practices provide a framework for working in groups or with individuals in the least restrictive environment. Integrating breathing and movement sequences into educational and therapeutic settings provides evidenced-based techniques to prepare children for learning and healing. Regulation, body awareness, balance, coordination, attention, stress reduction and peer interaction are cultivated with these self-empowering and inclusive practices.

This timely one-day workshop will guide attendees through essential sequences to incorporate yoga into pre-k through 8th grade classrooms or clinics. Previous yoga experience is not necessary. You will have the opportunity to experience the effects of breathe, movement, mindfulness, relaxation and yoga games so that you can confidently and successfully implement them with children. Attendees will learn sequences to immediately support their treatment or classroom lessons as well as strategies to promote carryover in multiple settings. You will also learn how to incorporate yoga as part of a sensory diet and use as a daily exercise program.


  • Integrate yoga into your curriculum even if you have no prior yoga experience.
  • Design yoga sequences to prepare children to be attentive, relaxed, and prepared to learn.
  • Create easy to use, customized clinical programs to enhance carry-over into other environments.
  • Implement breathing techniques improved attention, behavior & self-regulation.
  • Design a therapeutic yoga group to address the goals and needs of all participants in the least restrictive environment.
  • Determine how to create fun and innovative group lessons that will meet the various goals and needs of all participants in a non-competitive class structure.

This course is taught through, a provider of continuing education courses for health professionals and teachers.


Who Should Attend:

OT, PT and SLP, School Professionals, Early Childhood Educators, Yoga Instructors, Athletic Trainers, Social Workers, Parents, Caregivers

Since 2013, thousands of therapists and teachers have attended this training!!!!!!!!!! Here is what some of them have said:

“Allison is so vibrant, genuine and energetic. This course provided great foundational skills to build upon.” Kathy Campell COTA/L Clinic and schools
“Thank you! This was a very helpful hands on workshop with excellent ideas I can take back to my school and use right away.” OT Public School pre-k – 12
“Allison is a wonderful speaker. She kept my attention the whole time. Everything she taught, I will be able to use in my practice. Allison and this course, exceeded my expectations.” Diane Tavares PT schools age 3-21


“One of the BEST workshops I have attended (30 years experience). FUN!!!!!” Leslie Williams-Wexler OT Schools

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