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Introduce positive affirmations to your child and they begin to remember the beautiful beings that they are. I AM HAPPY, I AM STRONG, I AM SAFE, I AM BRAVE. Although we tell our children how wonderful they are, in order for them to BELIEVE it, it must come from them. Need some help thinking of purely positive attributes? Sometimes the kids get stuck.

Here is a list to keep your mind sharp and your heart open.


Enjoy matching game 1 and matching game 2 with yoga poses and pictures of BUGS. There are so many creative games you can play with them. You can even practice cutting.


Movement breaks, sensory breaks, a refresher before a seated activity…… Brains work better when they activated through the use of breath and movement. Brains and bodies are able to remain attentive and focused, when there is limited stress. Here is a sequence you can use with an entire classroom or group of students to get them engaged, energized and attentive. The best part of these STRESSBUSTER MOVES, is that it only takes 3 minutes to go through each exercise 10 times.