Archives for February 28, 2022

Are You Treating A Child’s Pain, or Their Bandage?

When a child is hurt and has a Band-Aid, do you apply your healing intention towards the Band-Aid or the cut below? Sounds like an obvious question, right? Certainly the Band-Aid is not in any pain; it is just a protective device we use to ensure that nothing more sinister contacts the open wound. As […]

This Breathing Technique Can Effect Behavioral Changes

Habits and beliefs are merely patterns. These patterns become ingrained in our subconscious mind before the age of seven. So much about the things that we do, what we think, and how we behave are driven by these patterns. Mindfulness is a tool that helps bring our own awareness to how we are being in […]

How to Be a Light of Compassion

Did you know that the human body is electro-magnetic? Every cell in our body has an electrical current running through it. We have an electrical field that surrounds us which is created by our body. As our mind focuses, bringing our attention to this energy field, we strengthen that field.Today, imagine yourself surrounded by an […]