How to Be a Light of Compassion


Did you know that the human body is electro-magnetic? Every cell in our body has an electrical current running through it. We have an electrical field that surrounds us which is created by our body.

As our mind focuses, bringing our attention to this energy field, we strengthen that field.
Today, imagine yourself surrounded by an electromagnetic field that offers protection as well as compassion. Your attention and your intention are quite powerful.

What kind of day do you think this will be as you walk through your routine as a light of protection and compassion? You can start to be a light by using the mindfulness practice below.

Three Lights:

  1. Begin seated or standing in Home Base pose. Eyes can be softly gazing at something in front or closed.
  2. Bring your fingertips of one hand to touch the space on your forehead between your eyebrows.
  3. Imagine that there is a light beaming from your fingertips. It lights up your whole mind like a light bulb. This light brightens to shine on your inner wisdom. Say to students, “You are wise.”
  4. Place your fingertips on the center of your heart.
  5. Imagine the light beaming from your fingertips now shines within your heart. The light brightens your feelings of kindness for yourself and others. Say to students, “You are kind.”
  6. Place your fingertips just below your navel.
  7. Imagine the light beaming from your fingertips now lights up the center of your body. The light shines with inner power and confidence to remind you that you are strong and confident. Say to
    students, “You are strong.”
  8. Place your hands on your lap, and imagine all three lights shining brightly. These lights of wisdom, kindness, and strength will shine brightly all day.
  9. End in Home Base, taking a few breaths together, then pause to notice how you feel before opening your eyes.