About Us

Zensational Kids was founded with the belief that every child has unlimited potential, no matter what circumstances have crossed their path or diagnosis they have been given. We help educational communities unlock that potential through the implementation of evidence-based mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning techniques that foster the development of coping skills and self-regulation strategies.

Our Mission

  • Empower youth with tools to strengthen their inner resources for social, emotional and mental health.
  • Prepare students to understand their mental and emotional states while developing the personal power to thrive with greater joy for themselves and compassion for others.
  • Help youth build the capacity to focus their attention for learning and living with purpose.
  • Support authentic inclusion of all students within the natural setting of the classroom and community.
  • Empower educators to develop practices of self-awareness and care to nurture their own well-being.
  • Support schools in creating a culture of compassion, where inner confidence and resilience flourish.
  • Provide holistic strategies to support mental health programs in schools.
Zensational Kids was born out of Founder and CEO Allison Morgan’s own experiences as a pediatric occupational therapist and the multitude of physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral benefits she found from integrating yoga and mindfulness into therapy sessions with her patients. Since 2015, Zensational Kids has published four separate curriculums for Pre-K through high school-aged students and special needs, that help schools develop resilient and compassionate internal and external environments for students and educators to thrive.

Our Team

Allison Morgan, MA, OTR, E-RYT


Allison Morgan MA, OTR, E-RYT, is the founder and CEO of Zensational Kids. She is a pediatric occupational therapist, author, international public speaker, and educational trainer driven to empower youth and the adults that care and serve them. She is passionate about training educators, parents, mental health professionals, and allied health professionals, giving them effective techniques to develop skills such as self-awareness, management skills, compassion, and resilience so they can model and authentically teach these skills to children.

Allison began integrating yoga and mindfulness into her therapy sessions with children in 2007. Discovering the multitude of physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral benefits these practices offered her occupational therapy clients and recognizing the need for more mental health and social-emotional learning programs in schools, Allison began writing curriculum and developing teacher training programs to help others share these practices.

She is the author of curriculums for pre-K through high school-age students:

  • Young Explorers: Yoga and Mindfulness in Early Childhood Education
  • EDUCATE 2B: Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning for Educators and students in the K-5th grade Classroom
  • EVERYDAY Mindfulness: Techniques for Teens to Develop Compassion, Calm, Focus and Resilience

Allison is also the author of Wisdom Within, a children’s exploration of inner awareness.

She has partnered with universities to conduct research investigating the effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness with special-needs populations and contributes to several advisory boards and organizations involved in creating better lives for children.

As a sought-after international speaker, she brings knowledge, wit, and joy to inspire her audience as they tap into their own inner resilience, empowering them to share it with those they serve.

Mary Borton, E-RYT-500

Project Management and Trainer

Mary Borton, E-RYT 500, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, somatic movement educator, explorer, and personal mindfulness coach. Mary encourages others to understand and inhabit their bodies through movement, play, and with kindness.

Mary’s foundations in movement and mindfulness began in traditional yoga teachings. Over time, her movement and mindfulness modalities have been informed by modern approaches in somatic awareness, human development, mindfulness, trauma studies, polyvagal theory, and more through extensive practice and studies.

Through her partnerships with Zensationalkids ®, she merges her experience to support children, educators, and schools as a program developer, manager and facilitator, bridging yoga and mindfulness into educational institutions.

Jennifer Knight

Program Coordinator and Implementation Specialist

Jennifer Knight is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with additional training in children’s yoga and mindfulness in schools. Jennifer introduces tools to allow children to begin to understand how to regulate emotions and their state of body and mind, allowing them to move through life with more ease and joy. It is important to Jennifer that she leaves students with the ability to take what they’ve learned “off the mat” and out into their every day lives. She loves the energy of school-aged children from kindergarten through teens, and always strives to learn as much from her students as they do from her..

Danielle Larsen

Implementation Specialist

As an educator, interventionist, and mom, Danielle recognized the need for children of all ages to learn coping skills, to love & accept their bodies and themselves, and to be able to discover safety and comfort internally when the outside world feels as if it was spinning out of control. This sparked a passion and mission to bring yoga and mindfulness to kids and teens. Danielle has since led yoga and mindful practices in various schools and throughout a multitude of settings for children of all ages. Danielle wishes such a practice had been available in her own life from a much earlier age, which is why she is grateful to have the platform to lead this practice in schools and to give children these crucial lifelong skills.

Lou Redmond

Educator Trainer

Lou Redmond is an inspiring speaker, mindfulness educator, and author. He is a registered yoga teacher and certified in children’s yoga and mindfulness. He holds a certification in Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development from Rutgers University. Lou’s passion for his work stems from experiencing profound benefits through his own mindfulness practice. He is a contributing teacher on the popular meditation app Insight Timer, where his practices are widely popular.

Mollie Morgan


Mollie Morgan is moved by the curative capacities of both art and science. She is a direct service provider in therapeutic classrooms with ages K-12 and is currently pursuing licensure as a clinical mental health counselor. Mollie graduated from The University of Vermont in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in movement science and a focus in dance and has continued to pull from her undergraduate experience to inform her work in day treatment. Mollie is always creating opportunities to integrate movement and art into the classroom and is motivated to empower others to find effective points of access to emotions.

Our Partners

Zensational Kids partners with school districts as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations and program managers. A sampling of our key partners below.