You know when you hit an energetic wall in your day?? …..and you have to, “go on with the show?” There is more to do and you feel a bit worn out? Here is the perfect pick-me-up and does not involve any caffeine (a much healthier and sustainable option). This comes from the work of[...]

Congratulations!!!! For many of you, the school year has ended and your summer vacation has begun. For others, hang in there. You must be close. As you prepare for your transition from caring for the 20+ students in your classrooms, to nurturing your family and yourself, I wanted to offer some suggestions of how to[...]

“Little children, little worry. Big Children, big worry.”Bridget Morgan Whether you are a mother, or have one, I am sure you can relate to these words. My mother-in-law first shared these words of wisdom with me when our children were very young. At that time I thought, “Are you crazy? You mean, this worry is[...]

“I love these socks that I am wearing today.” “When will it stop raining?” “I hope I have pb&j for lunch today.” “Who will I sit with at lunch?” “I don’t want to sit by myself.” “What did my teacher just say?” “I will never understand this math.” “Everyone is smarter than me.” This type[...]

By: Erin Corcoran – Educator (8th grade English), parent, wife, Zensational Kids student Parenting took a long time. Doctors, shots, more doctors and excruciating waiting. Reality set in after spending more time figuring out how to create a child rather than how to become a mother. Adoption finally made sense. There were children, I mused,[...]

The study began in 2014 as part of a student’s doctoral project at Touro College, School of Health Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.  After a lengthy process of obtaining approvals, the research began. Research Design The research study was an experimental, pre-test/post-test control group design.   Subjects were students with a diagnosis of autism,[...]