Embodied Mindfulness For Educators


Educate with Ease, Presence, and Joy!

🌟 Why Embodied Mindfulness for Educators?

✨ Wellbeing First: Research shows that a nurtured, well-regulated educator creates a safe, nurturing environment. Our program is centered on prioritizing the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of your faculty.

✨ Stress Awareness: Recognize and understand your own levels of stress and overwhelm and how this is processed in your mind and body. Learn how to navigate challenging people and situations with a calm mind and a compassionate heart.

✨ Mind, Body & Breath Techniques: Dive deep into specially curated activities that balance the nervous system to quell fight, flight and freeze responses and provide immediate emotional and physical relief with long-lasting benefits.

✨ Reverse Burn out: It’s essential to refuel your inner battery. Discover effective tools to restore your reservoir of energy so you are ready to face the ups and downs of the day without feeling completely drained.

What’s in it for your school?


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