For Educators

Are your students expressing:

  • Anger?
  • Disappointment?
  • Fear?
  • Short-temperedness?
  • Distraction?
  • Behavioral reactivity?

It is overwhelming trying to manage all of this AND continue to teach core content. We are here to help you and your students:

Manage Stress

Regulate Emotions

Focus Attention

Connect with Compassion

Prepare to Learn

So you can get back to teaching and they can get back to learning and you can all find greater ease and joy in the process.

These social-emotional competencies are rooted in the ability to calm and regulate the nervous system, while developing safety and connection individually as well as within the school community.

The integration and adoption of mindfulness and social emotional learning tools becomes sustainable through a tiered model of implementation. It works by creating change within the school, by first creating change within every individual who participates. We help you create calmer classrooms by teaching you the tools to create a peaceful mind and body. Transformation happens from the inside out. 

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