EDUCATE 2B Activity Cards – Double Set (Copy)


EDUCATE 2B: breath, movement and mindfulness activity cards for the classroom – Double set



Large set (8.5” x 11”), comes with plastic case with Velcro closure for easy access and sustainability.

Small set (3.5” x 5”)- these cards come as full 8.5 x 11’ sheets (4 cards per page), which you cut. Metal ring provided for easy transport and use in group settings

Set of 32 activities from the EDUCATE 2B program. Along with colorful illustrations, each card contains our signature icons to guide you in understanding how each activity shifts the nervous system. Use these activities to help your students to:
Calm, energize, focus, positively connect and get ready to learn

The back of each large card contains scripted directions to help you guide your students through each practice.


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