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Autonomic Nervous System

Discover Your Super Powers


Gratitude Journaling – Elementary


Gratitude Journaling- EM/MS


How are you feeling today?

My Grateful Self Worksheet




Ready to Regulate Toolkit- E-book


Regulated Vs. Dysregulated States


School Safety Poster


Sensation Words - Elementary


Sensation Words- MS/HS

Sensory Systems

The Behavior Iceberg

This Is Who You Really Are

Download "Autonomic Nervous System​"

Autonomic Nervous System through the Poly-Vagal Theory

When we have a better understanding of the innate, automatic wiring of our nervous system, we are better able to understand some of the behaviors elicited by our students. With understanding, comes compassion and the ability to apply connection opposed to commands and punitive management systems.

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Download "Discover Your Super Powers​"

Use these simple practices to help your students recognize the power they have within their mind and body.

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Download "Gratitude Journaling – Elementary​"

This worksheet provides 4 prompts with lines to help students begin a gratitude journal. Extend the beneficial effects of cultivating gratitude by having students share their worksheet with their peers.

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Download "Gratitude Journaling- EM/MS​"

Use these 4 prompts to help your students identify what they are grateful for. Multiply the cognitive and emotional benefits of gratitude by having them share their worksheet with peers.

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Download "How are you feeling today?"

How are you feeling today? Build emotional vocabulary and awareness with words and pictures to describe the felt sense that is being experienced. When students are encouraged to explore how they feel and share their true emotions, researchers has shown that behavioral issues decrease. Perhaps this is because when we are aware of how our students are feeling, we are more prepared to help them through those challenging emotions opposed to those emotions brewing and stewing within them, ultimately causing disruptive behaviors.

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Download "My Grateful Self Worksheet"

Use this worksheet to help High School students explore what they feel grateful for in their life. This is a great classroom activity to begin discussion on what gratitude is and how it makes them feel when practiced. Sharing the science around this practice and the cognitive, emotional and psychological benefits is also encouraged.

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Download "Neurodiversity​"

Neurodiversity is a range of differences within brain function and behavior.

It demonstrates the abundant variations of being human. As we discover and explore more of the gifts of diversity, we empower our students to be who they are. This gives them a sense of BELONGING.

Too often educational programs focus on how to make our neurodiverse students simply FIT IN when we focus on all of the challenges they face in the general and special education classroom.

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Download "Ready to Regulate Toolkit- E-book"

Illustrated, full color E-book filled with simple scripts to share breath, movement and mindfulness activities with early childhood and elementary aged children. Discover the power of helping them regulate their nervous system while engaging in these playful yet powerful practices

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Download "Regulated Vs. Dysregulated States"

As you observe your students, can you recognize when their behavior is demonstrating a regulated or dysregulated state?

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Download "School Safety Poster​"

Safety is an internal state of being. It is a felt sense that we experience both consciously and unconsciously. Feeling safe within our mind and body is a biological imperative. Without it, no learning happens. Use this poster to reinforce for your students how important their sense of feeling safe is. To learn more, see our article on Reframing School Safety.

Display this poster in your classroom as a reminder to keep checking in with your students. Use their behavior, body language, facial expressions and engagement as a gauge to their inner state of feeling safe.

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Download "Sensation Words - Elementary​"

Exploring sensations in the body while scanning the body from head to toe?
What do you feel?
Where do you feel it?
What is the intensity?
Can you sit with it and notice it with curiosity?
What happens when you do?

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Download "Sensation Words- MS/HS​"

Exploring sensations in the body while scanning the body from head to toe?

What do you feel?

Where do you feel it?

What is the intensity?

Can you sit with it and notice it with curiosity?

What happens when you do?

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Download "Sensory Systems"

We all experience our world through our sensory systems. Each of these systems create our perception of what is safe and what is dangerous within our inner and outer world.

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Download "The Behavior Iceberg"

Before we instill punishment and rewards systems to “control” behavior, let’s consider the root of the behavior. If we can tend and mend at the level of the root, we can often shift the behavior and create lasting change.

Our common behavioral management policies and procedures typically cause disconnection. When we care for and understand the bottom of the iceberg, we become worried for connection and THAT is where healing truly happens.

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Download "This Is Who You Really Are"

If You are Wondering…

Read more about the power of I AM

The Two Most Powerful Words: I Am

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