Yoga and Mindfulness for Students with Autism – No Mats Required

The study began in 2014 as part of a student’s doctoral project at Touro College, School of Health Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.  After a lengthy process of obtaining approvals, the research began. Research Design The research study was an experimental, pre-test/post-test control group design.   Subjects were students with a diagnosis of autism, […]

Melt Away Children’s Stress

An increasing number of children are experiencing higher levels of stress today.  Muscle relaxation techniques can go a long way in reducing children’s stress levels. “Abbreviated progressive muscle relaxation (APMR) is a much used stress-management technique. Its efficacy relevant to placebo control is already established in the literature.” In one study, “One hundred and one […]

Taming the Anger Monster

We all have had moments when we sense the “anger monster” boiling up within us. We know all about the huffing and puffing that we instinctively do to stop ourselves from possibly saying or doing something we can’t take back. Do you know any children that have that same “anger monster,” but lack the control or […]

The Power of Breath

by: Kate Murphy Educate 2B breathing tools are meant to help children balance their nervous system. We describe this to children as helping them to “wake up and calm down.” The use of breath as a tool to help with self-regulation and to optimize performance goes back thousands of years. Athletes, musicians, mystics and others […]

Yoga For Autism: A Therapist’s Experience

Yoga for Autism, ADHD and Differently-Abled Children is a course that I created with  my mentor and dear friend, Shakta Kaur. Shakta created Radiant Child Yoga and has personally trained thousands of people in the art of sharing yoga with children. As a facilitator for this program, I am always humbled when I receive feedback […]