Mindfulness Backlash: Are your techniques fueling student anxiety?

“I can’t close my eyes, it makes me freak out.” Have you had students that are fearful of closing their eyes while practicing mindfulness? It’s pretty common. Read on to discover a quick and easy solution. During the last few months of the 22-23 school year we started working with several new districts. Since it […]

Balancing the Nervous System

For many children, their behavior is unintentional and unplanned. Their behavior while disruptive and difficult to manage, is most often motivated purely as an attempt at communicating a need and reflecting their internal state. Our most primary need? Safety. Their external behavior is communicating a loud resounding message of, “I do not feel safe right […]

Understanding Your Brain

Along with teaching educators and students the actual practices of breath, movement and mindfulness, understanding the science of what you are doing strengthens the practice as well as the degree of “buy-in.” When you begin to recognize and appreciate that YOU are able to hack into your nervous system and create real changes, it is […]

Simple Beginnings

Sometimes we are afraid to start something new. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the commitment. Sometimes we are reluctant to start something new because we are not even sure it will be worth the time and effort. So “why bother?” In regards to mindfulness, the research is pretty clear. Improvement in behavior, mood, temperament, […]

The Whole Learner – A Much Needed Shift in Education

By: Erin Corcoran – Educator (8th grade English), parent, wife, Zensational Kids student Parenting took a long time. Doctors, shots, more doctors and excruciating waiting. Reality set in after spending more time figuring out how to create a child rather than how to become a mother. Adoption finally made sense. There were children, I mused, […]