Mindfulness Backlash: Are your techniques fueling student anxiety?

“I can’t close my eyes, it makes me freak out.” Have you had students that are fearful of closing their eyes while practicing mindfulness? It’s pretty common. Read on to discover a quick and easy solution. During the last few months of the 22-23 school year we started working with several new districts. Since it […]

Balancing the Nervous System

For many children, their behavior is unintentional and unplanned. Their behavior while disruptive and difficult to manage, is most often motivated purely as an attempt at communicating a need and reflecting their internal state. Our most primary need? Safety. Their external behavior is communicating a loud resounding message of, “I do not feel safe right […]

5 Mindful, Trauma-Informed Tools to Increase Peace and Improve Behavior in the Classroom

Recent media events and research have been highlighting the need for educators to become more aware of the prevalence of trauma in the lives of the children we serve. As the ACE’s study has revealed, the rates of trauma and causes of trauma are expansive. They not only impact the child’s life now, in the […]