Taming the Anger Monster

We all have had moments when we sense the “anger monster” boiling up within us. We know all about the huffing and puffing that we instinctively do to stop ourselves from possibly saying or doing something we can’t take back. Do you know any children that have that same “anger monster,” but lack the control or […]


I don’t know when in my life it became apparent that I wanted to work with children.  Entering my profession as an occupational therapist, there were many directions, populations and areas for me to focus my studies and my clinical work.  I never remember making the decision to work with differently-abled children. But that is […]

The Power of Unconditional Love

I recently read an article about the research that is being conducted to better understand the relationship between animals and individuals on the autistic spectrum.  In this article, children between the ages of 5-13 where given pet guinea pigs to hold while in the presence of other adults.  The findings were quite remarkable. “They found […]