Did You Know You Have Superpowers?


Since I began studying the practices of yoga and mindfulness 15 years ago, I have always been fascinated by the research surrounding human neurology and physiology. After the first few classes of learning how to control my breath, stay grounded in my body, and notice the fluctuations in my mind, I knew there was something magical happening within my inner landscape. Fifteen years ago, I was not too eager to tell my colleagues about all of the changes I was sensing because, back then, they just thought all that yoga and meditating stuff was a little…well, crazy.

As it turns out, when you dive into the research behind mindfulness and yoga, it’s not so “hocus-pocus.” It is science, and the research is now proving that the human mind and body can do a lot more than we have ever been told or taught.

I like to refer to these things as superpowers and I created the image below to help you access some of your amazing superpowers and teach your students how they can do the same.

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So, if you are new to yoga and mindfulness, or you are an educator who has been lurking in the shadows, sharing practices with your students, and hoping no one stops by to question WHAT on earth you are doing in there, check out our new manual so you can arm yourself with knowledge and share the science with any skeptic. 

You see, YOU do have superpowers and it is about time you start using them.