Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness for schools Creating trauma-responsive, safe and connected classrooms

Resources To Help Schools Thrive Amidst A Prolonged Pandemic

As we continue to be socially, emotionally, physically and mentally impacted by COVID-19, our concern about “academic loss” must be met though the lens of healing.

This pandemic has exacerbated the stress, anxiety, frustration and overwhelm our educators and students have been experiencing for a long time.

Schools that prioritize student and staff social-emotional well-being will likely see a faster return to academic gains.

In order to develop these competencies, we need a new paradigm for BEING together in classrooms and as a school community. A lens of healing acknowledges the collective trauma we have all suffered this past year as well as the frustration surrounding continued uncertainty.

A healing lens brings relief and repair when toxic stress, anxiety and the mental health challenges interfere with ones ability to cope and participate in learning.

We know the constraints that classrooms face each day – time, space, physical resources of hands-on help and more.

We also know that we can not TEACH, LEARN and BUILD LIFE LONG SKILLS for our students if we do not address what we know now...

……the essential need to cultivate calm, safety, and connection in our classrooms – for our students, educators and administrators before academic rigor.

This is proven through the neuroscience. The brain is programmed to protect before it can learn anything. Calm, safe, connected classrooms help students to “feel” protected and this opens their mind/brain/body/heart for learning.

Calm, safety and connection are internal as well as external states. They can be taught.

I know that the thought of teaching something else, may sound like an insurmountable task. 

This is where we come in.  

We designed this bundle to be a comprehensive way of helping students develop the awareness and management skills needed to be able to self-regulate.

Self-regulation is a nervous system state of balance, which supports an individuals capacity to handle the present moment demands of a situation or task. Self-regulation is a key aspect of social-emotional learning, behavior management and academic success. A regulated nervous system is able to remain focused, calm, attentive, engaged, communicative, and compassionate.

How does this BUNDLE help you accomplish THIS in each classroom?

Our approach to mindfulness and social-emotional learning, prepares each adult who works with children, to confidently implement short (2 minutes), evidence-based, trauma-responsive activities in K-5th grade classrooms, counseling groups, therapy sessions and more.


  1. Our Amazon #1 Best Seller Teacher’s manual
  2. Self-Paced, online Professional Development
  3. Video Library access for direct, in-class instruction

In this school-based bundle, each educator receives…

Our Amazon # 1 Best Seller Teacher’s Manual

Educate 2B: Mindfulness and SEL for Educators and Students in the k-5th Grade Classroom

EDUCATE 2B” includes step by step breathing, movement, and mindfulness strategies that align with SEL, PBIS and RTI; trauma-informed guidelines; and techniques for educator well-being (YES, that is essential for YOU and your students).

The manual provides insight for educators to understand the internal state of the human brain and nervous system and the role they play on behavior. The content addresses developmental differences, mental health issues, trauma and other classroom challenges (such as returning to school after a year long pandemic). Additionally, reproducible worksheets are available for teachers to utilize in their classrooms.

3 hours of Self-Paced, Online Professional Development

Video Library For Direct Student Instruction

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