For Administrators

Are your teachers?

  • Expressing fear?
  • Feeling anxiety?
  • Suffering burnout?

Are your students?

  • Shutting down?
  • Acting out?
  • Having a hard time coping, behaving, or focusing?

It is time to invest in the well-being of your school/district by creating:

  • safe and connected classrooms rooted in trauma-informed care.
  • a framework for imbedding social-emotional learning without introducing it as an add-on, cumbersome curriculum.
  • daily routines and rituals which infuse brain-body based tools to relieve chronic stress and emotional dysregulation while fortifying the skills of attention, compassion and learning readiness.

Zensational Kids equips administrators, educators, students and families with mindfulness practices and social emotional learning techniques to create wellbeing from the inside-out. As evidenced in current research, supporting the emotional, mental and physiological wellbeing of your entire educational community will create a district-wide culture of self-regulation, compassion, joy, connection, and belonging. From these internal states, resilience and academic success flourish. We teach you and your faculty how to activate the human biology of learning and living with greater ease.

Our virtual and in-person programs include:

Creating Trauma-Responsive Classrooms

Informs educators on the impact of trauma on a child’s developing mind and body while providing practical healing strategies.

Embodied Mindfulness for Educators

Focuses on the wellbeing of your educators to reduce stress and recharge their inner battery.

Curriculum for Pre-K – 12th Grade

Professional development and classroom resources for sharing breath, movement, and mindfulness activities with students to create inner states of safety, connection, and compassion – the essential components to learning.

In-Class Programs

We offer collaborative, supportive and healing classroom programs to build capacity and sustainability of your school-wide, mindfulness program.

Peaceful Parenting and Caregiving

Parents and caregivers become equipped with tools to manage their own stress as well promote inner states of safety and wellbeing for the entire family.

Neurodiversity and Special Education

Share breath/body based mindfulness practices with neurodiverse students to help them cope, calm and connect to themselves and others.

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