Educate 2B




Today’s educators are tired, burned out and overwhelmed. Today’s students are feeling overly stressed, anxious, distracted, reactive and demonstrate poor coping skills Add a year of teaching and learning during a pandemic and the effects of collective trauma can be felt by everyone in a school community. Has this pandemic made it even harder to meet the mental-health and emotional needs of your students who desperately seek safety, security, and connection? Are you finding it hard to manage all of the behaviors in your classroom?(whether it is virtual or live) Are you having difficulty keeping students engaged and attentive? Are you an educator who is tired, feeling depleted and and finding it hard to breathe at times?

As trauma, adversity, mental health challenges, developmental differences and behavioral issues flood the classroom, it is hard to meet the needs of all students and have time to teach critical curriculum content.

With science-backed strategies and easy to implement tools, Allison Morgan, pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Zensational Kids, LLC guides you in transforming classroom chaos into compassionate calm in 2 minutes or less.

Designed for the busy educator who dreams of creating more resilience, ease and joy in their career and their classroom while empowering students to develop self-awareness and self-management tools without having to create new lesson plans.

Developed with the well-being of both educators and students in mind, EDUCATE 2B offers 40 step by step, illustrated breath, movement and mindfulness practices. Each practice supports the nervous system in becoming: Calm Focused Compassionately Connected Energetically Balanced Ready to Learn and Restored