Everyday Mindfulness


Our middle and high school program infuses neuroscience, positive psychology as well as social and emotional learning to build self-mastery through self-compassion, personal empowerment and resilience. The curriculum equips educators with tools to pause, acknowledge, shift, and refocus students’ attention helping to reduce the chronic rates of stress, mental health disorders, and trauma many of our young adults are facing.



Middle and high school (students in Grades 6-12)

This 6-12th grade program is designed to help middle and high school educators, counselors, and therapists teach students how to:

  • Cultivate compassion, calm, focus, and resilience within their students and for themselves
  • Develop inner awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions
  • Skillfully pause, notice, and respond, rather than react to daily stressors with anger, aggression, or despair
  • Utilize healthy stress management techniques, which can be carried with them throughout their lives
  • Understand the neuroscience of the adolescent brain and foundational practices of mindfulness, empowering them to take an active role in shaping their brain and mind