Energetic Tune-Up


energetic tune-up

You know when you hit an energetic wall in your day?? …..and you have to, “go on with the show?” There is more to do and you feel a bit worn out?

Here is the perfect pick-me-up and does not involve any caffeine (a much healthier and sustainable option).

This comes from the work of Donna Eden, who I absolutely LOVE. I call it the Energetic Tune-Up because that is how it has worked for me and many of the educators I have shared this with.

You can use the exercises in this video as a sequence, or pick 1-2 of your favorite and use for a minute or 2.

Remember to give yourself the time and space before you start as well as at the completion to just take a few breaths and notice the sensations in your body and mind. Observe if there is a shift that occurs within you. You may not feel anything at first, but give yourself a week of consistently trying the exercises and ….who knows.

As always, there is more wonder and joy in life when we keep an open mind and heart. Apply that here.