The Power of HOW You Use Your Words


Every word we utter has the potential to grow a child, or shrink them.

What is even more influential than what we say, is HOW we say it. The “what” is often obvious. The “how” is subtle and can be extraordinarily magical.

As most of you know, I don’t believe in only teaching the tools of breath, movement and mindfulness to educators and students. I believe it is an ongoing practice that requires modeling and continued support and for a lack of a better word, “practice.”

Our Zensational Kids team, provide in-class support to help you hone your craft of sharing the practices and developing your confidence and skill.

If you have taken our trainings, you know our manuals contain many scripted practices. We provide the language and the “step by step” sequence of what to say to:

  • Set up each practice,
  • Guide each practice
  • Close/end each practice.

You see these are all essential steps.

In another video, I will explain why.

For now, I want to share with you more about the “how to say it.” I created this video to share some of the most important aspects of the practices that are often missed, forgotten or rushed through. Think of this 5 minute video as the spice to a great recipe. Imagine if that spice is left out – BLAHHHH!!! No one wants to eat that meal, right???? This is the spice that makes it taste really good.

Here’s another thing: If you have been sharing yoga and mindfulness with your students and you still hear that little voice in your head saying,

“These practices don’t work.”

“I don’t see any positive change.“

“This is a waste of time.”

Then this video is FOR YOU too

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is waste your time.

The most neglected aspect of these practices is the pacing and rhythm of YOUR (the leader) voice, and remembering to not only “instruct” the breath, but model and emphasize the breath.

You can simply watch the video, or read on:

Here is what I mean:

Rhythm: When we are organized, calm, focused and grounded, there is a coherent, even rhythm to many of our automatic bodily functions. Our heart beat, digestion, breathing, thinking all work best when there is a natural, internal rhythm . When we are stressed, overwhelmed, emotionally charged, etc, we lack this automatic, internal organization. This alone, can ruin your day (or worse, your life). When this happens, you have become dysregulated. Many therapeutic modalities even use drumming as a form of creating external rhythm so that internal systems can synch up and follow. When you lead these practices, you have the power to create a rhythm in the words that you say (or read). Rather than simply following the words on the page, see if you can create a rhythm. Think of the beat to reading a good Dr. Seuss book to a child. There is a reason young children like the rhythm to the words. It helps them pay attention, connect and settle their bodies. Cool, right???

Pace: This is kind of like rhythm. It essentially means, don’t rush the words. Don’t read through the script for the sake of reading it. There is no magic in the words themselves. The magic is in how you present it. YOU create the magic that opens each student up to the potential of creating there own internal change.

Breath: Are you breathing??????? Most teachers I observe, do not. First thing: Make sure you are consciously breathing as you read the scripts. Next, make sure when you are leading the tools, you are emphasizing the breath. Watch this video to follow the example I provide. It will help you tremendously, I promise.

Please remember, I am always here to support you in along this journey. I call it a journey because it is not a “one-and-done” training or just another “initiative.” I am here to support you so that you become more confident using breath, movement and mindfulness for yourself and with your students. Please contact us and ask questions. When we have partner with your school, this is a BIG part of our service to you. Take advantage of it.

I never want “mindfulness” to become just another “school-wide initiative” that gets pushed out the window as a new one rolls through the door. My hope is that it opens you up to more of YOU and from that place of discovering YOU, the practices are shared with your students. Sound pretty deep, I know, but hey, that’s who I am.

We want you to feel your power, your grace, your ability to center and ground yourself and to feel impactful. We know you entered this profession to change lives and we want to support you in your mission and passion.

Living in peace and possibility,

Allison and the Zensational Kids Team