I don’t know when in my life it became apparent that I wanted to work with children.  Entering my profession as an occupational therapist, there were many directions, populations and areas for me to focus my studies and my clinical work.  I never remember making the decision to work with differently-abled children. But that is indeed what I ended up doing.  I guess you can say, I flowed into this line of work.  Being around children of all ages with wheel chairs, tubes, machines to help them breathe, move and function, just seemed, for lack of a better word, “natural.” I was drawn to them and in some way, I suppose they were drawn to me.  Friends and family used to express their sympathy for these children that I understood on an intellectual level, but never really felt.  It never occurred to me to “feel sorry” for any of them.  To me, they were just kids, here to perhaps have an experience that we may not have chosen, but for some reason, they have.  I honor them for that courage and I am humbled by their profound wisdom.  

Today I had an experience that proved to me that their are energetic forms of communication that our raise awareness and connection with these “special” children.  My girlfriend asked me to take her daughter to the bus for sleep away camp.  We arrived at the designated parking lot with hundreds of other families saying good bye to their children for a few summer weeks.  From across the parking lot, I notice a man holding a baby in his arms.  Initially, I am not sure why I can’t take my eyes off of this pair.  I feel as if this baby is calling to me, “Hello. Hi there. I’m here.” I move away from my girlfriends daughter, just to get a better look.  I still have no idea why I am so drawn.  As I got closer, I notice, and I immediately know.  The extended posture of her head, the fisting of her hands, the rigidity of her extremities suggested the physical body of a child with cerebral palsy.  She was definitely energetically calling to me.  How do I respond? What came from my heart as I saw her father pull her closer into his chest and then lean his head down to kiss her forehead? “Yes, you are here.  You made it and you will be just fine.  There is love all around you and obviously very close to you.  You are fine.  Be well my friend.”

 Throughout the few seconds of this interaction, I felt as though I was in a vacuum, consumed by the connection we shared and fully aware of the feeling of peace.  Later, on the ride home, I wondered what “feeling” would I have left her with if I did, feel “sorry” or “worry” for her, or her loving parent. Perhaps ‘peace’ would not have prevailed.  What message do we send so many of these “special” children when we see them in grocery stores, schools and parks?  Do we worry, judge, shake our head, count our blessings?  What if we sent them all an “energetic” message of peace, compassion and, “You are fine?”  

I am eternally grateful to this child for inviting me into her experience and sharing this communication.  I am grateful for the confirmation that there is no need for words in order to be heard.

Love and Light on your journey,