The new Zensational Kids website provides easy-to-find solutions and supports

Zensational Kids Website

It has been a year in the making, but we wanted to get it right. You may have noticed – Zensational Kids now has a completely refreshed website. Our goal is to provide simple, cost-effective solutions to support social, emotional and mental health for the whole school community.

We wanted to make it easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. Now, with just a few clicks, you can obtain useable information that you can apply immediately. We are aware of how challenging life is and we are providing the solutions – the tools – to navigate through these difficult times.

Our home page provides direction with “GET STARTED” buttons for administrators looking to prioritize the well-being of their entire school community and for educators seeking effective tools to help students self-regulate and engage in learning. Administrators visiting the site will click through to see virtual and in-person programs that can be used across a school or school district community. Educators can click through to easily obtain manuals and books, on-demand videos and workshops and trainings.

The site’s home page, provides insight into Zensational Kids cost-effective, easy-to-implement programs to help educators and students:

  • Calm the mind and body: Calming tools proactively manage stress and anxiety, preventing further internal harm. They are essential for developing the capacity to cope and self-regulate.
  • Manage emotions: Emotions direct thinking, decision-making and behavior. Students who develop emotional intelligence exhibit greater self-control, motivation, enthusiasm, and grit.
  • Focus attention: Focus drives achievement, success, and happiness. Positively directed attention shapes who we are, how we learn and how we navigate through life.
  • Connect compassionately: Compassion for oneself and others promotes empathy, equity, kindness, and patience. It creates a community of support and safety where everyone can thrive.

Schools need supports to help teachers and students in the classroom now. On the website, there are both free and paid resources. 

  • Free resources include graphics, visuals, worksheets and articles to use.
  • For professional development solutions, there is a paid video library section and a shopping area. The video library is divided into an area for K-5th grade classrooms and 6th-12th-grade classrooms. The videos focus on topics such as trauma, social-emotional learning competencies, managing the stress of COVID-19, neuroscience of learning, and the mindful management of behavior. In the shopping area of the website, visitors may purchase workshops, trainings, books, manuals, webinars, classroom bundles and other resources.

We will be living in this new world for a long time. We wanted to make our services easily and immediately accessible to address this new world. We need to develop social and emotional intelligence and create healthy ways to navigate through our lives so our minds and bodies can process these times and thrive today and in the future. 

These new programs also take the pressure off educators who are stressed about teaching mental health and social-emotional learning. Our embedded videos and programs provide educators with a ready-made, real-time solution. We’re not just managing behavior. We’re providing resources to embed a culture of rituals that instill compassion and self-awareness in your school, so students can manage themselves.