What I Learned from My Fancy (And Very Expensive) Dyson Vacuum


I don’t know about you, but I love a clean floor. My family actually makes fun of me. But I don’t care. I love walking barefooted in my house and not feeling pieces of dirt, foot, dust, etc. stick to the bottom of my feet. So that you know I am not totally crazy, I do live one mile from a beach, so sand is an issue. Not to worry – I’m on top of it.

Due to my obsession, my family was not at all surprised by my excitement when my husband came home with a Dyson cordless V8 animal vacuum cleaner (by the way, we don’t own any animals).

This past week, a full charge has only lasted a minute or two. There is not much I can clean in that short of time. You can imagine my frustration and disappointment. When I contacted the company, they informed me that even a full battery will not last when the filters are dirty.


Who knew you had to clean the filters monthly, even if you didn’t use the vacuum that often?


What a great analogy for us as well. We can do so many things to recharge our own batteries, however, we collect a lot of energy, emotions, exhaustion, frustration, confrontation… The list can go on of all the things that clog our filter. Without regular maintenance (or cleaning), our battery doesn’t last that long either.

In other words, those long weekends and holiday vacations are not enough to recharge our batteries until the next break from work.

Not to worry, I have your back here.

Science has proven that short, micro practices, used daily, can deliver an endless supply of energy, in other words, a perpetual fully-charged battery. 

In our “Educate 2B” and “Everyday Mindfulness” manuals, I lay out simple practices to reboot, recharge and reignite your inner energy. The best part of these practices is that they are written for you and your students, so you can practice and recharge together.

This is about meeting everyone’s needs in short 1-2 minutes each day. You can find these resources here.

Can you imagine your home or classroom when everyone has the opportunity to consciously and intentionally take care of themself from the inside out?

I know for me, short daily practices are essential for my personal well being. I hope in 2023 you embrace more opportunities to take care of your wellbeing, too.

And just so you know, I plan to be there with you.

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Here’s to a new year!