Developing The Skill Of Focus

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🌟 Unleash Your Student’s Attention Power” As educators, we know the value of being able to focus attention. It’s a fundamental skill that not only paves the way for academic success but also shapes well-being, mental health and the trajectory of a fulfilling life. However, in today’s world, our student’s ability to focus is under siege. Many students enter the classroom without the skill of being able to purposefully direct their attention. Research has found that perpetual distraction and multitasking contribute to depression and anxiety. Improved focus is actually an essential aspect of mental health. The good news is, focus is a teachable skill. 🧠 Focus is a muscle within the mind. Mindfulness is a tool that explicitly teaches HOW to: turn on the muscle of focus and strengthen it, giving the mind more power to learn, listen, create and contribute.
📚 What’s Inside this Module:
🧭 Introduction: Dive into the definition and science of achieving an inner state of FOCUS. 🎬 Practice Videos: Explore 6 instructional videos crafted for direct student engagement. They encompass 2 breathing practices, 2 movement practices, and 2 mindfulness practices, all within quick 2-5 minute videos. 💡 By sharing the lessons within this module, you’ll sharpen your students’ minds and body nervous systems. Practice, train, and prime them to attain and sustain focused attention. As you already know, practice makes perfect! You and your students will become adept at recognizing when their attention drifts and how to skillfully redirect it. 🌟 Join us now for a journey towards unlocking your students’ full attention potential! 🎯💡


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