Professional Development for Teachers

$79.00 / year



1.5 hours of Professional Development Learning to address:

🧠 Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Competency: Learn the vital role of mindfulness and social-emotional competency in creating safety, connection, and joy for effective teaching and learning.

🧬 Neuroplasticity Unveiled: Understand the power of neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to rewire itself based on life experiences, and discover how to harness it for neurodiverse and “typical” learners.

👩🏻‍🏫 Shifting Behavior: Learn how to address behavior from a neurophysiological frame of reference. Understand how co-regulation (your inner state) can greatly influence the behavior of your students.

🤯 Unlocking Inner Potential: Identify how inner nervous system states influence emotional regulation, attention, positive mindsets, and behavior management.

💔 Trauma-Informed Perspective: Discover the impact of trauma on the brain and the healing perspective essential for academic success.

😌 Mental Health & Well-being: Learn to address mental health and well-being for everyone, including yourself, without adding extra time or prep.


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