Taming the Anger Monster


We all have had moments when we sense the “anger monster” boiling up within us. We know all about the huffing and puffing that we instinctively do to stop ourselves from possibly saying or doing something we can’t take back.

Do you know any children that have that same “anger monster,” but lack the control or knowledge of how to use their breath to soften the boiling feeling that ensues?

I have known plenty. Here is a yoga tool that I have found to work extremely well to help children release the anger and calm themselves down.

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Dragon’s Breath (from the EDUCATE 2B program)

is a perfect yoga breathing tool that can be done

literally anywhere.

Here is the yoga card with directions that you can print and share

with the children DRAGON’S BREATH

When I teach students how to breath like a dragon, I explain how anger is like having a fire in your belly. All you want to do is get that fire out. Sometimes we might scream, push, throw or do things that may harm others or ourselves. All we are trying to do is get rid of the feeling that fire causes in our belly. If we can remember to breathe like a dragon, we release that fire and relieve that pain.

One more tip: If you have a student that can benefit from learning this tool to release anger, don’t teach it in the heat of the moment. I promise, they will not find it helpful because they will not be able to understand all of the components when they are raging. Teach it initially in a playful way, when they can hold their attention and practice it several times. Then, when you see that they actually need to use this tool, they will know how to do the breath accurately.

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